Snoop Dogg showing off the Loyal Studios 'fist' t-shirt.

Snoop Dogg with the Loyal 'fist' t-shirt

Due to overwhelming demand and celebrity endorsements,  Loyal Studios and Bob Bekian have launched a limited edition apparel line based on the Loyal Studios brand. “We started with a simple monochromatic theme working with top artist and designer Ben Lindsey,” Bekian says.  “As we would work with celebrities in our studios,  we would give them a shirt as a way of saying ‘thanks for visiting’,” Bekian added.

As a result, calls began coming in from celebrity friends and staff asking for more shirts. Photos began to appear of celebrities wearing the designs, and in order to meet the demand, an additional design (The” Loyal Fist”) was added.

Cara Maria Sorbello modeling the Loyal Studios 'fist' t-shirt

Cara Maria Sorbello modeling the Loyal Studios 'fist' t-shirt

This controversial design which depicts a forearm and fist with a propaganda era background  has been worn by Snoop Dogg, Ray J, Cara Maria Sorbello from MTV, Young Dre and Michael Madsen. “My idea for the fist was inspired by Eastern bloc revolutionary propaganda art” states Bekian. “Our studio production model is very revolutionary in that we provide everything a professional production would need with one call and one price” adds Bekian. “As production continues to leave California in order to take advantage of other states tax incentives and credits, we are offering a solution which producers are really appreciating”.

Group with Snoop Dogg, Bob Bekian, and friends

Group with Bob Bekian, Snoop Dogg, and friends

“We are an actual studio producing television, movies, commercials and music videos” Bekian adds “and there is a certain authenticity to what our brand is about rather than trying to be something that is promoted through marketing”.

While other brands are busy trying to figure out what the next ‘Ed Hardy” or ‘Affliction’ trend will be, Loyal Studios is sticking to its core. “If people want to own a limited garment which is edgy and cool, they now can.”

For distribution and licensing information visit the store at www.loyalstudios.tv

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Tom Bergeron for Americas Funniest Home videos

Tom Bergeron for Americas Funniest Home videos

AFV (aka America’s Funniest Videos) was in the Loyal Studios Santa Monica studio with Tom Bergeron to promote the show.  True to form, Mr. Bergeron was nothing but gracious and very funny.  Despite predictions from the crew there were no embarrassing moments or clutsy moves that would warrant submission to the show for the $10,000 prize.  Cameras were poised around the studio just in case.  How cool would that be to have a Tom Bergeron gaffe actually aired on the actual program?  We tried, but he was onto us.  Next time you visit, Tom, we promise the only cameras rolling will be the one with the teleprompter.

Loyal Studios and Bob Bekian were proud to have Mr. Bergeron on our pre-lit green screen stage, and hope to be able to work with

AMV again in the future.  “Tom couldn’t have been better to work with,” says Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal Studios. “Technically, we set up a live keyed out green screen shot, and placed large monitors in front of Tom on the stage , then inserted the funny video into the shot . Tom saw the video on the monitor, then we inserted him into the clip so he could interact with the segment.” Bekian added.

The final result was hilarious and the network was thrilled at the work Loyal Studiosdid to accomplish these shots.

Cory Arnold and Kim Farris at Loyal Studios Burbank

Loyal Studios Burbank

Thanks to the proliferation of inexpensive video camcorders, video phones and digital technology, there is never a shortage of material for the very popular, very successful ABC show.  If you have a funny video, prank or fall that brings tears of laughter to your eyes, then we suggest that you submit to AFV.  You could win $10,000.  How bad can that be?

To learn more about Loyal Studios, please visit our home, www.loyalstudios.tv

To see more of America’s funniest moments, please click AMV to go directly to hilarity.

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