Dan Aykroyd poses with his product, Crystal skull Vodka

Dan Aykroyd for Crystal Head Vodka

Loyal Studios in Santa Monica was the location as Bob Bekian produced and directed Dan Aykroyd in two commercials for the American Heart Association, and Aykroyd’s Crystal Head vodka brand.  Bekian produced the spots from start to finish, including developing the script, overseeing the crews and post production, and final delivery of the finished content on the project.

This is the 3rd time Bekian and Aykroyd have worked together in Bekian’s Loyal studios which operates in Santa Monica and Burbank California.

The AHA commercial was done with Aykroyd in character as Elwood Blues, complete with sunglasses and handcuffs.  “We were trying to emphasize the importance of the work being done by the American Heart Association, but also letting Dan have fun with one of the most iconic characters of our generation” Bekian says.

Crystal Head Vodka is a premium brand vodka which is dispensed in a unique crystal skull

Dana and Dan Aykroyd on the New York set at Loyal Studios, Santa Monica.

Dana and Dan Aykroyd on the New York set at Loyal Studios, Santa Monica.

decanter. “As a vodka drinker myself, Crystal Head has a dual appeal as its really smooth to drink  and also has a fantastic decanter ” Bekian added. “Its great to work on a project that you endorse, and Dan’s enthusiasm about his Crystal Head is genuine and fun” Bekian said.

Bob Bekian is a producer, and founder of Loyal Studios in Burbank and Santa Monica, which specializes in full service production facilities including HD camera equipment, technical support crew , and editorial services. The studio is unique in that combines high definition technology with specially configured studios which are digitally engineered to work with the latest editing systems.

Dan Aykroyd prepairs to speak as Elwood Blues

Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues

The project was shot with The SONY EX3 HD system and edited on Apple Final Cut Pro. The final delivery was backed up on G-raid hard drives and delivered digitally to the clients throughout the United States.

For more information on Crystal Head Vodka visit

For information about the American Heart Association, please visit their site.

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Shane and Paris Hilton on set at Loyal Studios, Santa Monica

Shane and Paris Hilton on set

Lionsgate Television needed a professional studio to produce and distribute Paris Hilton‘s show, “My BFF“, and Loyal Studioswas proud to have been that venue.  For season two, they sought Loyal out to produce the high definition segments of her show at the Santa Monica stage.  “We are very happy to work with Paris and Lionsgate on this project,” Bekian says.  “The technical requirements were not too demanding, and Paris is always fun to work with.  The trickiest part of this shoot was lighting Paris’ blond hair on the green screen,” Bekian states.  Blond hair tends to pick up the green screen colors, so there is a special technique applied to light the set in order to counteract that issue.

Bob Bekian sitting in for Paris Hilton on set at Loyal Studios, Santa Monica

Bob Bekian sitting in for Paris Hilton

Loyal Studios and Bob Bekian have produced over 850 commercials, music videos, television episodes, and other projects in Bekian’s facilities.

“We are revolutionizing production, working to keep production in California by putting together all components of a shoot into a one stop, professional shop,”  Bekian says.  For the new show, “My BFF,” Loyal studios was able to hit the mark to make the high definition components a success.

For more information on Lionsgate’s “My BFF”, please visit

Loyal Studios information can be found at

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Michael Tobias, head of Dancing Star Foundation

Michael Tobias of Dancing Star Foundation

Loyal Studios has worked extensively in the past with foundations and groups involved in various causes –from the American Heart Association, to UNEP.  The Dancing Star foundation came to Bob Bekian, understanding that Loyal Studios is willing to collaborate on projects aiming to better the welfare of Humanity and our planet.  Alexandra Paul and Peter Kreitler of “Earthtalk Today” are in partnership with Dancing Star Foundation to create this 90 minute three-part special.

Dancing Star’s goal is “helping Humankind protect the natural world.  [They hope to] sensitize people throughout the world to the critical importance of biodiversity, animal protection and conservation; and to instill a respect for all life, which can be demonstrated by even the most modest gestures of kindness, compassion and love in our everyday lives.”  Michael Tobias wanted to bring the best scientists on the globe to discuss the state of the Earth.

Bob Bekian on the RED One camear

Bob Bekian on the RED One

He approached Bob Bekian and Loyal Studios about the special, and developed the details together at Bekian’s Santa Monica studios.

“We believe in the work that Michael Tobias and Dancing Star Foundation is doing,” Bekian states, “so we worked in tandem to produce this project, which brought together some of the world’s top scientists.”  The production focused on population, eco-system changes, and the importance of understanding where we need to target our efforts on the planet in order to prevent species from disappearing, or reducing our natural habitats as well as climate changes and *biodiversity hotspots.

*A “biodiversity hotspot” is defined as an area  that contains at least 1,500 species of vascular plants, and has lost at least 70% of its native habitat.  (See for a article detailing the “hotspot” definition.)

For more information about Dancing Star Foundation, please visit

For information regarding Loyal Studios non-profit participation, please visit

Loyal strives to keep production in California, offering a comprehensive, one stop professional shop for production companies and Green organizations.

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Madoff: Made Off With America movie poster

Madoff: Made Off With America movie poster

Loyal Studios makes it a priority to take part in every aspect of the creative process to provide a professional, smooth production experience behind the camera.  Occasionally, the crew is asked to participate creatively in front of the camera as well.

Such was the case with Edmund Druilhet’s latest movie about the sinister “Satan of Wall Street”, Bernie Madoff, entitled “Made Off With America.”  Bob Bekian –producer and owner of Loyal Studios– was given the opportunity to trade in his production hat for a chance to fire a an actual MP5 automatic machine gun (with live blanks) with Michael Madsenand get then “shot” with live squibs propelling stage blood from his torso.

Bob rehearsing for his scene in "Madeoff: Made Off With America"

Bob rehearsing for his scene

“I jumped at the opportunity to be in the film when Edmund ask me to,” Bekian says.  “And as a big fan of Michael Madsen, it was an experiance I’ll always remember.  The easy part was firing the 9mm automatic machine guns, the tough part was getting shot.”  He says.  “The fake blood packets (squibs) are taped to your chest with mini explosive charges backed by a steel plate. In order to look realistic, you have to recoil back based on where the bullet is supposed to hit, then fall dead.

After practicing this fall 25 times, I gained a new appreciation for stunt work!” Bekian reported. “Working with talent like Michael Madsen reminds me of some of Hollywood’s legendary leading men.  “I think a comparison to Robert Mitchum would be appropriate (and I don’t think Michael would object)” added Bekian.

Michael Madson with producers

Michael Madson with producers

Madsen and Bekian hit it off immediately, as they both collect vintage original movie posters of similar genres.  Loyal studios in Santa Monica and Burbank are known for their valuable framed original movie poster collections Bekian has assembled which are always popular with guests.

“Made Off With America” is based on the real-life story of Bernie Madoff, who defrauded thousands in the world largest and most infamous Ponzi scheme.

Michael Madson and Bob Bekian outside Loyal Studios, Santa Monica

Michael Madson and Bob Bekian

Shot at Loyal Studios in Santa Monica, Druilhet combines his vision with the talents of Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan”), Michael Madson (“Kill Bill”), Rachel Hunter (“The Bench Warmers”), and introducing Paul Cohen as “Bernie Madoff.”

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Janelle, Cee-Lo Green, and their co-star, a zebra at Loyal Studios on the set of "Open Happiness" for Coca Cola.

Janelle, Cee-Lo Green, and their co-star, a zebra at Loyal Studios.

Loyal Studios‘ Santa Monica location was the venue when Coca Cola shot a music video for the “Open Happiness” campaign on Loyal’s specialized greenscreen stage.  Using Loyal’s high definition crew, Coca Cola brought “Open City” to life in a special effects extravaganza of color and wonder.

Loyal Studios was chosen for this project  because of the specialized pre-lit digital stage that was engineered for high definition composting.  “This project has been very interesting because of the talent involved as well as the live zebra!”  Bob Bekian, co-producer, states, “It was a marathon seventeen hour shoot, but the end result was fantastic.”  Bekian adds, “And working with a brand like Coca Colaand their teams is an incredible experience.”

Travis McCoy of "Gym Class Heroes" and Brendan Urie of "Panic at the Disco"

Travis McCoy and Brendan Urie

Loyal Studios has been host to artists such as LMFAO, Young Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Booda, as they’ve made some great music videos on our pre-lit green screen stages.  “We are continuing to keep the love for incredible music mixed with creativity alive in our studios” Bekian states, “And we are proud of our technical accomplishments and growing reputation in the digital compositing  world” Bekian adds.

“Open Happiness” is music video featuring the amazing talents of Cee-Lo Green, Travis McCoy of ‘Gym Class Heroes’, the beautiful Janelle Monae, Brendon Urie of ‘Panic at the Disco’ and Patrick Stump of ‘Fall Out Boy’.  These talented artists have teamed up to work with Coca Cola to create a project that was not only fun to watch, but life on the set was just as enjoyable to be a part of.

Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes dancing with his back-up crew on the set of "Open Happiness" for Coca Cola.

Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes dancing with his back-up crew

It was directed by award winning director, Alan Ferguson.  The song was co-written by Cee-Lo Green with production credits shared with Polow Da Don.

Loyal Studios aims to keep production in California by offering all components of a shoot so they can come together to create a professional product. Loyal studios is unique in that they own 75 HD camera systems and have specialized crews which are focused on producing professional HD digital content .

You can watch the full video at

To find out more about Loyal Studios pre-lit digital studios, visit

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male model for the American Idol introduction

Model for American Idol at Loyal Studios, Burbank

Loyal Studios in Burbank has partnered up with Aerodrome Pictures –also known for producing the introduction of TMZ–  to create an incredible opening for the #1 rated show in America, “American Idol.”

Aerodrome pictures is known for their incredible visual effects on shows like “Fox Sports“, “Swift Justice“, “The Ellen Show“, “America’s Got Talent” , and “So You Think You Can Dance.”

“We are very honored to have Aerodrome as a client in our pre-lit studios, as they have a reputation in the industry as one of the best visual effects houses in Hollywood,” states Bob Bekian –owner of loyal Studios.

Female model for the American Idol introduction

Female model for the American Idol at Loyal Studios, Burbank

American Idol has set up in the Loyal Studios Burbank stage in the past, filming the talented Katharine McPhee for the most recent episode of “American Idol Rewind.”  The team was impressed by Loyal Studios enough that they contacted Bob Bekian when the need arose for professional green screen that is pre-lit and has the technical features for special effects and compositing. “We have engineered the studio with several important features like an overcove which allows for seamless low angle shots” Bekian adds.

Finished product for American Idol opening sequence

Finished product for American Idol opening sequence

Loyal Studios specializes in providing high definition digital chroma key studios, which are popular for compositing, and special effects.
“We take pride in our ability to fully service a production, including a pre-lit digital studio, the latest  HD cameras and equipment, and a top technical support crew.” says Bekian .

For more information regarding Loyal Studios, please visit

To learn about Aerodrome and the works they are involved with, check out

Check out for links, photos, and clips of all 10 seasons

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Snoop Dogg showing off the Loyal Studios 'fist' t-shirt.

Snoop Dogg with the Loyal 'fist' t-shirt

Due to overwhelming demand and celebrity endorsements,  Loyal Studios and Bob Bekian have launched a limited edition apparel line based on the Loyal Studios brand. “We started with a simple monochromatic theme working with top artist and designer Ben Lindsey,” Bekian says.  “As we would work with celebrities in our studios,  we would give them a shirt as a way of saying ‘thanks for visiting’,” Bekian added.

As a result, calls began coming in from celebrity friends and staff asking for more shirts. Photos began to appear of celebrities wearing the designs, and in order to meet the demand, an additional design (The” Loyal Fist”) was added.

Cara Maria Sorbello modeling the Loyal Studios 'fist' t-shirt

Cara Maria Sorbello modeling the Loyal Studios 'fist' t-shirt

This controversial design which depicts a forearm and fist with a propaganda era background  has been worn by Snoop Dogg, Ray J, Cara Maria Sorbello from MTV, Young Dre and Michael Madsen. “My idea for the fist was inspired by Eastern bloc revolutionary propaganda art” states Bekian. “Our studio production model is very revolutionary in that we provide everything a professional production would need with one call and one price” adds Bekian. “As production continues to leave California in order to take advantage of other states tax incentives and credits, we are offering a solution which producers are really appreciating”.

Group with Snoop Dogg, Bob Bekian, and friends

Group with Bob Bekian, Snoop Dogg, and friends

“We are an actual studio producing television, movies, commercials and music videos” Bekian adds “and there is a certain authenticity to what our brand is about rather than trying to be something that is promoted through marketing”.

While other brands are busy trying to figure out what the next ‘Ed Hardy” or ‘Affliction’ trend will be, Loyal Studios is sticking to its core. “If people want to own a limited garment which is edgy and cool, they now can.”

For distribution and licensing information visit the store at

Need equipment for your shoot?  Look up Pro HD Rentals

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Tom Bergeron for Americas Funniest Home videos

Tom Bergeron for Americas Funniest Home videos

AFV (aka America’s Funniest Videos) was in the Loyal Studios Santa Monica studio with Tom Bergeron to promote the show.  True to form, Mr. Bergeron was nothing but gracious and very funny.  Despite predictions from the crew there were no embarrassing moments or clutsy moves that would warrant submission to the show for the $10,000 prize.  Cameras were poised around the studio just in case.  How cool would that be to have a Tom Bergeron gaffe actually aired on the actual program?  We tried, but he was onto us.  Next time you visit, Tom, we promise the only cameras rolling will be the one with the teleprompter.

Loyal Studios and Bob Bekian were proud to have Mr. Bergeron on our pre-lit green screen stage, and hope to be able to work with

AMV again in the future.  “Tom couldn’t have been better to work with,” says Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal Studios. “Technically, we set up a live keyed out green screen shot, and placed large monitors in front of Tom on the stage , then inserted the funny video into the shot . Tom saw the video on the monitor, then we inserted him into the clip so he could interact with the segment.” Bekian added.

The final result was hilarious and the network was thrilled at the work Loyal Studiosdid to accomplish these shots.

Cory Arnold and Kim Farris at Loyal Studios Burbank

Loyal Studios Burbank

Thanks to the proliferation of inexpensive video camcorders, video phones and digital technology, there is never a shortage of material for the very popular, very successful ABC show.  If you have a funny video, prank or fall that brings tears of laughter to your eyes, then we suggest that you submit to AFV.  You could win $10,000.  How bad can that be?

To learn more about Loyal Studios, please visit our home,

To see more of America’s funniest moments, please click AMV to go directly to hilarity.

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Shane shows off the electronic "Tesla" sports car

Shane shows off the electronic "Tesla" sports car

Remember when the idea of plugging your car into the house power was absurd and better left to science fiction?  It ranked right up there with the hover car from “Back to the Future II”.  And yet, we all wanted one.  Well, we can’t have a hover car just yet, but it is possible to park an electric car in your driveway and have an extension cord snaking across the floor to the wall.  We saw this a few years ago, but ever since General Motors pulled the plug on the electric car (so to speak), and with gas prices cresting $4, the nation has been clamoring for increased fuel efficiency.  Much to the chagrin of the big three automakers and countless petroleum companies, the return of the electric car is once again upon us and is there to launch a new campaign to educate consumers on the merits of electric powered vehicles.  The latest is the Tesla –named after famed genius and rival to Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, who pioneered Alternating Current, radio waves, public lighting, and the well known “Tesla Coil” that sits in many museums across the world, including the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA.

The new electronic "Tesla" vehicle

The new electronic "Tesla" vehicle

The “Tesla” is considered the King of Electric Vehicles. The campaign of public service announcements (PSAs) for Plug In America was produced at Loyal Studios’ Santa Monica location with a crew of passionate volunteers determined to re-educate the public, and raise awareness of alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to the three very witty, insightful spots the folks at also produced a ‘Making Of’ video that is filled with interviews and information, as well as providing a look at the inner workings of our very own Loyal Studios.  But best of all, in addition to the RAV4-EV vehicle that was at the studio, we had a couple of Tesla’s on site for those who participated in the project to take rides in. What an amazing demonstration of the capability of electric power!  The Tesla is a prime example of what is possible.  Best of all, electric cars don’t have to be boring, slow or limiting.  Loyal Studios and ProHD Rentals are proud to have participated in such an important message. ” We support plug in America and the drive to create less pollution” Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal Studios states. ” We also try to be environmentally responsible in the way we run our studios.  We have an aggressive recycling program, and we reuse expendables as much as possible.”  Loyal Studios has partnered up with UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), has worked with the American Heart Association, and worked with Michael Tobias  for his eco-aware, “State of the Earth” project.

The new Tesla electric car

The new Tesla electric car

The future of our planet and, more importantly, our existence on this big blue ball depends on our current and future actions–with respect to natural resources, renewable resources, capital resources and, of course, human resources.  Please visit to learn more about the progress and importance of pushing forward electric vehicles.  The next in line may be the Hydrogen car.

To learn more about Loyal Studios, click

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Brandy and Ray J

Brandy and Ray J

If you’ve ever watched VH1, then you’ve probably seen Brandy and Ray J’s show, “Family Business“.  The popular show documenting the lives of pop superstar siblings, Brandy Norwood, and her talented brother, Ray J Norwood, is well into season 2.  When they needed a venue to film the green screen interviews, Bob Bekian –owner of Loyal Studios, and Producer–was called, and arrangements in our new Burbank stage were made.  Brandy and Ray J. were among the first to shoot in the new studio, and helped begin what is sure to be a history of amazing talent that will grace the stage.  The appearance by the duo has contributed to the astronomical success of the opening of the Burbank facility.

The show is produced by Loyal Studios client, 51 Minds, a successful reality show production company owned by Endemol that is responsible for such hits as “Flavor of Love,” “Charm School,” and “Rock of Love.”  As with “Family Business,” 51 Mindshas spent many a day in our studio filming interviews for their productions, and were–of course–welcomed into our new studio with open arms.

Bob Bekian and Ray J

Bob Bekian and Ray J

“‘Loyal’  isn’t just our name, but –as is evidenced by 51 Minds support of the new facility– is also our philosophy,” says Bob Bekian.  “We strive to make our clients comfortable, accommodated, appreciated and respected.  It’s our service that sets us apart.  And our name that makes us special.”  Kudos to 51 Minds and VH-1 for joining us on our newest journey.  And cheers to the shining stars of “Family Business,” –Brandy and Ray J– for making our studio that much brighter.

For more information about “Family Business,” visit

For information about Loyal studios, visit and

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