Bob Bekian produces Ray J and World Wide Nate interviews on RealHD.TV

Nathan Fluellen of World Wide Nate

World Wide Nate at Loyal Studios in Burbank California

Burbank, CA (10/24/11) — For celebrity interviews, delivered a mighty one-on-one with Julie Adams –the beautiful, and still very lively star of “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.”  Now the new web channel lets Nathan Fluellen –travel master and host of award-winning web series “World Wide Nate” — behind the desk to interview the successful and soulful R&B artist, Ray J.  Normally, Nate’s ideal set to film on is the World –taking viewers to exotic places like a snow-covered Louvre in Paris, France, or the sun soaked beaches of the Caribbean, and lately for a thrilling Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  Last week, Nate shook hands with producer, Bob Bekian, put down his carry-on bag, and settled easily into the talk-show style interviewers chair.

Ray J talks about his new album with World Wide Nate at Loyal Studios

Known internationally as a musical artist and television personality, Ray J pulled up a chair to tell the world he has no intentions of sitting on the sidelines.  The two discussed the creation and recording of his upcoming 5th album, as well as singing a sample of one of his new songs.  Both men shared stories of their travels, often laughing and finding solidarity in the adventures of their globe trotting experiences.

World Wide Nate is a winner of the “outstanding achievement award” at the  L.A web series festival of 2010, Bekian –owner of Loyal Studios– smiled when asked why he continues to work on projects with Nate and Ray J.  “Both Ray and Nate are dynamic individuals who are constantly creating new content and it’s great to work with both at the same time, because it’s always fresh.” Bekian has a media group which is on the cutting edge of HD Production. “We supply a complete solution for today’s content production including conception,production,post, archiving and distribution to over 20 video sharing sites” Bekian adds. We are uniquely  positioned in 2012 to provide producers an efficient and cost effective way to produce and distribute their content quickly in order to get strong web traffic.

Ray J behind the scenes

Bob Bekian Directs Ray J as he performs a song from his new album at Loyal Studios is a new web channel hosting one-on-one celebrity interviews, film trailers, the latest trends, and unsigned projects.  The interviews are shot in Loyal Studios multi-purpose stages in Burbank, CA.

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Flo Rida and JayKay in a Co-Produced Video with Bob Bekian and Loyal Studios

JayKay and Bob Bekian

JayKay and Bob Bekian

The phenomenal talents of Flo Rida and JayKay came together at Loyal Studios in Burbank, CA this past summer filming the video for their collaborative song entitled “What The Girls Like.”

On set filming "What the Girls Want"

Jesse Brunt and Cristian Ubilla On set filming "What The Girls Want" at

With the state-of-the-art studios owned by Bob Bekian, and the director expertise of Claudio Zagarini in Italy, the two co-produced the video from both sides of the globe in real time.  “This was really an international collaboration,” noted Bekian.  “We had Claudio skype-directing from Europe, and our team at Loyal Studios with JayKay performing the content.”  This method of directing became favorable for long distance review after Peter Jackson utilized it to direct the musical score of the third Lord of the Rings movie on location in New Zealand. “Our Director of Photography was Jesse Brunt, who is a master at making Digital HD footage look like film” Bekian added.

Dancers touching up Make-up for "What The Girls Want" at

Dancers touching up Make-up for "What The Girls Want" at

The shoot utilized a combination of high definition  cameras along with Kino Flo lighting systems on a greenscreen to produce the raw content.  The final cut was produced in Italy as the files traveled digitally across the internet.  Any changes that needed to be made could be set into motion, shot, and sent back to Italy for review. “We specialize in using technology to produce high quality content while keeping costs under control” Bekian noted.

Loyal Studios and Bekian specialize in the latest high definition equipment, technical support, and state-of-the-art digital studios in Los Angeles, Burbank, and Santa Monica, CA.

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